Friday, October 12, 2012

What this blog is all about - or Potential FAQs

Lab - Syracuse, NY

1. What does this blog do?

I plan to pick (on average) one news piece a week on science, music, and sport and write about it. My guess is that it will be more of science than the rest. The main piece of news will most likely be from something I read online - I'll link to it. If it wasn't something big enough to make (big or small) news, i.e. if it was something local, or from the grapevine, I'll mention how I came across it. Naturally, views and opinions will be mine.

2. How do you pick that one piece a week?

Just whatever I feel like writing about. They need not necessarily be either the hot news of the week or even popular. Maybe I really admired something about it, or just that the subject looked different or interesting, or it somehow caught my attention, or whatever, you get my drift.

3. What will it NOT be about?

I do not plan on writing about politics, religion, spirituality, art or poetry. And very unlikely that I will get myself into something like iPhone vs. Android or Mac vs. Windows. Then again, some of these subjects might just creep up if it intersects with science, music or sport in some way. There is no shortage of grey areas.

4. Why are you writing this blog?

Just dabbling with writing in fields I am passionate about.

5. What areas specifically do you plan to cover?

Science (or Math) - quite a wide variety.
Music - Will try to go off the beaten path occasionally. But frequently mainstream rock or pop and Indian classical.
Sport - Primarily cricket and chess. Perhaps some poker, tennis, F1, football (soccer), occasionally other sports.

6. You missed out on Topic XYZ.

Possibly. In fact, probably. No wait, definitely. But that's not what this blog is about.

7. When will you post?

Most likely Sunday evenings - I suppose it'll also help take my mind off the impending Monday morning. Maybe during the week from the lab.

8. You are a graduate student - Will you miss some posts?

Like you said, I'm a graduate student. Hence, I'm lazy. I hope not to miss any of the three posts a week, or I may write two on science and none on sport, or vice versa. But I'm a graduate student. I'm lazy...

9. You are a graduate student - Will you write more than the three posts to escape from what you are supposed to be doing?

Hmmm...more than three? Now that is unlikely. But if I'm in the mood, sure!

10. In summary, it looks like you are pretty open ended about the content of posts, how frequently you'll post. Just that it'll broadly be about science, music or sport.

Whew. It took 10 questions, but you got it...finally ;-) Yup, just want to do some hobby writing on these subjects.

11. The title says "Bats, Beats and Bots". Shouldn't the description say "Sport, Music and Science" and not "Science, Music and Sport"?

Well yes, technically. But the title is alphabetical and the description is in order of priority of the subjects I plan on covering. (BTW, do you have a programming background? I sense that function signatures played a role here.)

12. Feedback/responses to comments/email?

Please feel free to compliment :-) Or give me constructive feedback. Please do swearing elsewhere. I'll respond to comments/email. But then again, like I said, like you said, I'm a graduate student, I'm lazy...

13. I don't like your style of writing.

Clearly it doesn't fall in the category of compliments. Please convert it into constructive criticism before telling me that :-)

14. You used a split infinitive in that last post.

I don't care.

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