Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dec '12 - Jan '13 vacation at home

Home - Bangalore

First off, sorry about the big break in posting on this blog - first it was the end of the semester and then it was my vacation at home in Bangalore. Here's a not-very-detailed-since-I'm-on-holiday-just-before-sleep summary of what took priority over blog posts :)

Quite a few trips squeezed into one month of vacation. Apart from a lot of eating of course - I've lost count of the number of idly/vadas, dosas, pista milk shakes, pista/badam flavoured milks, sugarcane juices, chaats, etc.

Roaming around was also pretty packed this time around. The first trip to Bhubaneshwar also included a trip to the Konark Sun Temple and to the Puri Jagannath Temple. It was also my first trip to Orissa state.

Then was a trip to Chennai, a city that I've stayed long in, know my way around reasonably and even used to the extreme heat that I always find there! Oh, and this was "winter" there, by the way :)

A much-awaited trip to Hyderabad was next. Apart from the usual sight-seeing spots, I found a (stupid?) thrill in identifying the spot where I was born there. Making the inevitable "life comes full circle" jokes followed, being back to (geographically) where I was born...although a new hospital has come up there. (I hadn't been to Hyderabad since I was born, actually). Also managed a quick visit to Secunderabad.

The final leg was a visit to Guruvayoor Krishna temple with family. And then to Calicut, where a dip in the Arabian Sea was a must! A stopover at Mysore, was also squeezed in. Mysore used to be a quiet little city with no traffic at all, was pretty surprised this time around!

A good trip overall, and here's a selection of a few pics that I clicked in a collage I don't bug you all with a complete album :)

Clockwise (from top left) - 1. Buddha statue, Hussain Sagar Lake, Hyderabad, 2. Sun Temple, Konark 3. A monkey posing for the camera, Bhubaneshwar, 4. View from the top of Golconda Fort, Hyderabad, 5. Western Ghats, En route from Calicut to Mysore

After a fun vacation, I'm scheduled to be back in Syracuse in a couple of days, back to work. Catch you then!

N.B. 1. This post is probably in the "Beats" category - although it is more along the lines of "City Beats" (and not quite the intended rhythm/music). So thought I'd squeeze in a post about travel as well, since I'm vacationing. And come to think of it, writing an occasional post about travel also seems like fun!

N.B. 2. Pista Milk Shake, in my opinion, is one of our species' greatest creations. If you are making this at home, and I'm within driving distance, please ping me and make an extra glass or two.

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