Saturday, April 11, 2020

An Ode to Puffin

All the many streets were deserted
I haven’t ever seen them so
‘you imagine - a weekday evening
In downtown Toronto
Ne’er would I have thought
That March would be this surreal
Even just a couple months ago
A changed world, truly fictional

I’d always read and heard
That life and humans are fragile
Strong yet transient, delicate yet resilient
We’re all seeing it for real, the trial
For it takes a village they say
And here it took a massive city
Throughout - before, during, after
Our little one’s arrival, so innocent, so pretty

To doctors, nurses, and all the staff
Of Toronto Western and Mount Sinai
Thank you for all you’ve done
When Covid tensions were high
I’m amazed at how smooth you ran
When normalcy was so inside out
Only thing missing was a Sinai onesie
We can most certainly do without

Her simple world has four actions
Poo and pee, burp and feed
You’d think it is a simple list, but it’s a
Cycle set to repeat and repeat
I ain’t a poet, so please let me borrow
Two lines from Lear, a poetic star
O lovely Puffin, O Puffin my love
What a beautiful Puffin you are

Been unforgettable, this month
To our little one, a poem was due
I’d have written this sooner, but
I was busy cleaning Puffin Poo
One day when you’re older
I’ll read this to you, Boo
Dearest sweetest little Puffin
This is an ode to you.